Property Management

The purchase of real estate in Greece by foreign investors is a reality that is constantly paving the way towards building solid foundations for future successful development.

It must be noted that beyond the long-term benefits of buying real estate, there are in fact some objective difficulties in managing the real estate.

The permanent residence and consequently the long distance from the property, the difficulty of communicating with various services, communication, technical problems, the search for a tenant, are just some of these obstacles.

Utilizing real estate can generate income, but at the same time it can create, unjustifiably and uncontrollably many unexpected expenses that may crop up.

The management of real estate by Pmd Property Management is based on modern ways of utilization and management of real estate solely with the aim of creating maximum profit.

With priority on the utilization of the real estate, we undertake the preparation of the property for rent, the finding of reliable tenants, the monitoring and recording of the rents to be collected plus the observance of the terms of the lease.

To add, after informing and receiving the approval by the owner, we coordinate and complete technical work or damages, which are deemed necessary for the property.

Along with the company's experience in the market and the long-term relations that have been developed with the associates, it is most definitely ensured that there is a complete provision for the real estate.

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